Investment Policy

GIL’s investment policy is to make investments in a portfolio of assets in different sectors through different means which includes but not limited to direct asset ownership, swaps, credit default swaps, debts, warrants, options, convertibles, preference shares, equity, guarantees of assets and performance, securities lending and participating loan agreements provided that it will not make any direct investments in real estate and commodities.

Investment Strategy

GIL’s strategy is to actively manage and grow its assets. It aims to seek investment in assets that will generate steady income and potential appreciation in capital to deliver regular dividends and achieve capital growth.

GIL implements the following strategies in working to achieve its investment objective:

  • Active Portfolio Management Strategy – sourcing and acquiring new assets in a wide range of asset classes in different sectors that enhance the returns to shareholders;
  • Financing and Risk Management Strategy – in addition to acquiring new assets, opportunistically divesting assets to maximise shareholder value; and
  • Acquisition Growth Strategy – optimising the capital structure of individual assets and the portfolio as a whole.