Loan Portfolio Assets refer to groups of multi-obligor loans within various asset sectors. Typically, such loans are secured by any individual loan small in the context of the overall loan portfolio. They are typically assets which the originators of such loans could securitise in the capital markets. The multi-obligor nature of the loan diversifies risk and allows GIL to optimise the capital structure of the loans books which will enhance the possible returns from the assets.

Securitisation Assets typically refer to groups of loans which have already been pooled and from which a capital structure that creates different debt securities, with different risk profiles and hence different returns, has been created. GIL will be targeting the lower rated, unrated and equity notes in such securitisations.

The portfolio currently comprises loan portfolio assets, securitisation assets and collateralised debt obligations (CDO)/collateralised loan obligations (CLO) investments.

Click on the links below to see GIL’s current investments in Loan Portfolio and Securitisation Assets:

Asset-Backed Securities (“ABS”)
Collateralised Loan Obligation (“CLO”) Securities