GIL strives to be the fund of choice in consistently delivering long-term benefits for all stakeholders while contributing to the community and economy as a whole.



GIL aims to be a fund which invests in a socially responsible way to generate steady income and appreciation in capital so as to deliver regular dividends and achieve capital growth for our shareholders.


Core Values

Good Corporate Governance

We are committed to uphold the best practices in corporate transparency and disclosures. We continuously enhance our corporate governance framework and processes through effective board oversight.


Responsible Investing

We will avoid investing in companies that are involved in known breaches of human rights, labour laws, environment or anti-corruption laws as well as companies with poor corporate governance practices.



We aim to uphold a high standard of ethics to all stakeholders and to our society. Our actions are based on trust, honesty and fairness.


Prudent Risk Taking

We take great care in anticipating, assessing and mitigating potential risks while seeking reasonable return to ensure that all investment decisions we made are in the best interest of our shareholders.