GIL believes in building and growing a sustainable business to produce long-term benefits for all its stakeholders, and in the process contributing to the community and the economy as a whole. GIL’s aim is to invest in assets that will generate steady income, increase capital, deliver regular dividends and achieve capital growth for its investors.

The Company has identified the following key areas of active stewardship which it strives to work towards:

  1. Economic Governance Environmental Social Fund Management
    Economic Sustainability Corporate Governance Environmental Sustainability Community Development Talent Management and Retention
    1. Economic Performance 2. Corporate Governance 7. Promoting a sustainable environment 9. Socially Responsible Investing 11. Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the Manager’s employees
      3. Compliance, anti-corruption policy & engagement with local and foreign regulators 8. Sustainable sourcing 10. Contribution to the community 12. Training and Education
      4. Ensuring Privacy of Personal Data 13. Ethics and Integrity
      5. Protection of creditors’ rights
      6. Risk Management